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Archetyp is suggested to be one of the nicest rapidly growing markets of all. It is chosen by fair users among other darknet marketplaces and statistics prove this. On Archetyp you are offered to witness some of the numerous facts of Archetyp's magnificence. 

About Archetyp darknet

Archetyp market is a reliable, promising marketplace. Over the last year our market has grown in size and become one of the largest operating markets at present. Archetyp Darknet Market offers a wide range of different drugs and pharmaceuticals, as well as a well-organized selection of digital goods.

  • Original Design
  • Large selection of categories
  • Multisig Escrow
  • Over 10,000 listings
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Archetyp market onion site guide

Archetyp Market official main page

Main page of Archetyp Market

The main page of Archetyp market greets the user with a pleasant and friendly design. The main place on it is occupied by a part with popular goods.

On the left there is a list of available categories to simplify the search for the desired product.

Also, to search for a product, you can use the search bar for a product or vendor by name.

Among other things, Archetyp have for the convenience of users, the current rates of bitcoin and monero are given.

Archetyp Market official item page

Item page of Archetyp Darknet

When choosing the desired product on Archetyp Market, the user gets to the product card.

On the product card, you can see how many times the product has been sold, it is in demand, and determine the rating of this seller.

Archetyp Darknet market provides Also on this page you can read the product description, terms of delivery, refund, read reviews.

When proceeding to the order, you will need to select the desired quantity of goods and the required delivery options from the list. To place an order, go to the shopping cart

Archetyp Market official checkout page

Checkout of Archetyp link onion market

At the final stage on Archetyp Market of placing an order, the buyer needs to choose a payment method (monero or bitcoin), specify the details of the order (for example, the delivery address).

It is also possible to view your order on Archetyp Link and find out the exact amount

Archetyp Darknet Market

Archetyp Market is a relatively new market, operating in Europe only, specifically focused on drugs. You can find everything from narcotics to Cannabis and much more. As far as drug-specific markets go, Archetyp has oen of the largest product palette and advanced search features that are usually not available on other sites as on Archetyp Market.

As such you can refine your search to sort listings Archetyp Onion by amount to find the cheapest price per gram with one single search. Also you can define the vendor origin by country and as well as supported shipping destinations.

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